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China (REACH)

In China, the State Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) is responsible for the original chemical notification law, 'Provisions on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances'. Under China's law, 'new chemical substances' are those which were not imported or manufactured in China prior to effective date of the law.

The law requires manufacturers and importers of new chemical substances to obtain a "registration certificate" for a new substance by submitting the Chemical Registration Centre (CRC) of MEP a notification package. Notification forms are available on CRC-MEP's website, and must be completed in Chinese. Ecotoxicological studies need to be conducted by Chinese Laboratories. Other studies and other supporting documents do not need to be in Chinese; however the results of testing must be provided in Chinese.

On 19 Jan 2010, the MEP released the revised version (the Order No. 7) of the Provisions on Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances. The new regulation replaced the old regulation issued in 2003 and came into force on 15 Oct 2010. This regulation is similar to EU REACH and is also known as "China REACH".

Under this regulation, companies shall submit new chemical substance notification to the CRC-MEP for the new chemicals irrespective of annual tonnage, ie chemicals other than the approximately 45,000 substances currently listed on the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances Produced or Imported in China (IECSC). The notification not only applies to new substance on its own, in preparation or articles intended to be released, but also applies to new substances used as ingredients or intermediates for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, cosmetics, food additives and feed additives, etc.

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