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Information Sheets

CS Regulatory Ltd has numerous information sheets available for use by our clients and colleagues.

  • Advantage of CSR as Only Representative (Q&A)
  • Articles and REACH
  • Biocidal Products Regulation
  • Chemical Notification In The Philippines
  • Chemical Safety Reports for REACH
  • CLP notification
  • CSR - Company Profile & Experience
  • Data Sharing under REACH
  • Downstream Users and REACH
  • DSD vs CLP and GHS Criteria
  • How to amend tonnage levels on REACH-IT
  • How to Appoint a Third Party Representative
  • How to de-activate pre-registrations on REACH-IT
  • How to find the approval letter on REACH-IT
  • Inventory Nomination & New Chemical Notification In Taiwan
  • Japanese Chemical Substance Control Law
  • Polymers and REACH
  • Pre-registration under REACH
  • QSAR and Literature data Searching
  • REACH, OR and the supply chain
  • Registration and OR under REACH
  • Registration of Intermediates under REACH
  • Safety Data Sheets for REACH

If you would like to receive any of these Information Sheets, then please contact