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Safety Data Sheets

CS Regulatory Ltd are extremely competent in the preparation of REACH / CLP format SDS's and have prepared over 400 such documents for our clients.

A "Safety Data Sheet" (SDS) is a document that provides certain information about a hazardous chemical (substance or mixture) that must, in the European Union (EU), be legally provided by a supplier to the recipient of a hazardous chemical no later than the first delivery of the hazardous chemical.

The requirements are listed in the REACH Article 31, along with subsequent updates to include CLP. The SDS is intended to be used by a competent person to carry out the risk assessments necessary to ensure that the workforce has appropriate information, instruction and training to use a chemical safely, protecting both themselves and the environment.

It is a requirement to provide a safety data sheet in the following cases:

  • For a substance (and from 1 June 2015 a mixture) classified as hazardous according to CLP.
  • For a mixture classified as dangerous according to the Dangerous Preparations Directive (until 1 June 2015).
  • For any substance that is persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) or very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvB), as defined in REACH (Annex XIII), or
  • Any substance that is included in the candidate list of substances of very high concern. Under certain conditions some mixtures, which do not meet the criteria for classification as dangerous or hazardous, will also require a safety data sheet.

The SDS Information needs to provide:

  • The identity of the chemical product, and in the case of mixtures, its hazardous ingredients
  • The classification of the chemical, in respect of its physical, health and environmental hazards
  • Physical, environmental and toxicological properties of the chemical/mixture
  • Workplace exposure standards when applicable
  • Safe handling and storage procedures for the chemical
  • What to do in the event of an emergency or spill
  • First aid information
  • Transport (carriage) of dangerous goods information (if applicable).

The information in an SDS must be arranged under 16 specific headings, containing some 48 sub-headings. In addition:

  • There is no requirement on the supplier to resend the SDS each time a product is supplied, unless there has been an alteration to the SDS.
  • Suppliers are required to resend such an updated SDS on at point of update, to allow customers to adequately assess additional information and adjust working practices accordingly.
  • An SDS must be provided free of charge, at the latest, on first supply of the chemical. The SDS needs to be in suitable local language.

Extended Safety Data Sheets

Exposure scenarios are the new element brought in by REACH. The extended safety data sheet summarises the key information from the chemical safety assessment that a company has carried out under REACH. In an exposure scenario, it should describe which uses are covered and how to safely use the chemical based on these uses, including what management measures need to be included. This is now a legal requirement for hazardous substances and products.

CS Regulatory Ltd are extremely competent in the preparation of REACH / CLP format SDS's and have prepared over 400 such documents for our clients.

CS Regulatory Ltd has numerous Information Sheets available for use by our Clients and Colleagues.