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Project Support

When there is not enough time to manage regulatory tasks in house, effective outsourcing of certain parts can provide for more effective project management.

CS Regulatory offer:

  • Interpretation of physico-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological data
  • Classification according to EU and Worldwide criteria (including the globally harmonised system (GHS)
  • Calculation of human and environmental exposures during the lifecycle of a substance (industrial, professional, and consumer use), via use of appropriate exposure tools
  • Development of exposure scenarios
  • Develop DNEL, PNEC and RMM requirements for risk assessment
  • Compilation of 'robust summaries" for registration purposes
  • Dossier preparation in the appropriate electronic format (e.g. IUCLID)
  • Manage SIEF and Consortia on the behalf of interested registrants
  • Materials Safety Data Sheet preparation in appropriate format, including REACH extended SDS's
  • Assistance with compilation of company inventory of substances, along with annual volumes, to determine responsibilities under REACH
  • Preparation of substance specific information (SMILES and InChi code, IUPAC name etc)

CS Regulatory Ltd has numerous Information Sheets available for use by our Clients and Colleagues.